Gypsy Soul ~ City

Gypsy Soul ~ City

I’m rather fond of taking a few clothing items that generally shouldn’t be matched together and finding a way to create a new, possibly surprising, look.  I believe that to be the case with City.  Alhough, I don’t think the look is complete without the hat and I can’t take credit for it.  I found it at Hat Pins on the Haute Couture Sim.  Because of this, I went and updated my inventory at Haute Couture and put City out on both that sim (in case you want to find the hat) and at my main shoppe on the Tully sim.

If you would like to find this item in world, my store can be found on Tully and also at Haute Couture Sim if you would like to visit Hat Pins as well.

The model is also wearing:

  • Aeon Hair by Abyss
  • Lady Elle Beret by Hat Pins
  • Tasha Skin by Laqroki
  • Model Poses by Reel Expressions
  • Comfy Boots by Shiny Things / Buckle Ballet Flat by ETD

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